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What we will be learning…

Art – we will be exploring a range of media to create our own planets. We will consider directional light and how to portray movement on the planet’s surface.

Design and Technology – we will be making our own Viking longboats and using them to carry out an experiment into buoyancy and water resistance.


Reading we will start the year off reading both Iron Man, Iron Women and a collection of poems by Ted Hughes. After half-term we will be exploring Viking myths. The teachers will also dip into some of their own favourite books during story time to give the children inspiration on books they might like to go on to read.

Writing taking creative ideas from the book Iron Man, we will write our own newspaper articles as if Iron Man has arrived in Bridport. We will then move on to writing some persuasive poems to convince the public not to rid the town of the Iron Man. After half-term, we will write our own Viking myths and then some instructions on how to build a Viking longboat.

French – using the interactive scheme Salut, the children will play games, speak and write in French. They will learn about the holidays, ordering food in restaurants and taking part in sporting activities.

Geography – during our work on the Vikings, we will look at where they originated from and the geographical reasons why they left Scandinavia.

History – through studying the Vikings, we will be looking at the impact they have had on Britain. We will also research their lifestyle and compare it to other periods of history.

ICT – using iPads, we will research our topics and learn how to do so safely. We will also use the program Scratch to create our own games, set in space.

Jigsaw – PSHE – we will be working together to think about our vision for our school, our classroom environment and how to be successful learners. We will work as a class to write our class charter so that we can refer to this, throughout the year, to ensure we reach our potential and have fun in our learning.

Maths – we will study a range of topics throughout the Autumn Term to build fluency in numbers – keep an eye out in the homework books to see which particular area we have covered each week.

Music – linking to our Space Odyssey theme, we will be listening to the Planet Suite by Holst before composing our own piece about the Earth using the App Garage Band on the iPad. In the build up to Christmas, we will be perfecting our caroling ready to sing to the community.

PE Indoor – Tuesday afternoons – Mrs Herbert will be teaching the children to do the Hakka. During our Viking topic, gymnastics will be linked to Viking balance.

PE Outdoor – Monday afternoons – Mrs Herbert will be teaching the children tag rugby in the first half term and then hockey.

R.E – we will be looking at religion during the Viking era as well as studying the Christmas story.

Science – we will carry out experiments and take part in interactive lessons to develop our understanding of our Solar System and the planets within it. We will learn about day and night as well as the phases of our moon. During our Viking learning, we will study forces and carry out an experiment on water resistance to better understand how the Vikings designed their boats.

Learning Letter

To find out all about what we will be learning about this half term, and all about school life, please open our current Year 5 learning letter here.


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All homework is set on Thursday and due in the following Tuesday.

Each week the children are expected to complete the English and math learning activity. As well as these set pieces, your child should read regularly and get an adult to sign their reading record book.

We also set spelling and times tables homework.

Spellings – 10 words are set as spelling homework each week. It is vital that not only do the children know how to spell these words, but also what they mean. Therefore, the homework involves writing the spelling word into a sentence so children can showcase their full understanding of the word.

Times tables learning – Each week, the children will bring home a times tables grid which reflects the multiplication facts they are being quizzed on at school.

General information

Please make sure that all school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled. We advise kits to be in school throughout the week as classes have PE on different days throughout the week. Please include joggers and a sweatshirt for outdoor PE. We have our PE sessions on: Thursday and currently have swimming on Fridays.

Please let the school and the teacher know if your child has any allergies (that we do not already know about) or needs to take any medication.

Please remind your child to bring a coat every day in the winter months.

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