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Year 3 learnt about some of the basic rights of a child and how some children in parts of the world still do not have these rights. We learnt some interesting facts and watched clips that illustrated the problems some children face.


Year 3 enjoyed learning about the rights of the child today in our rights respecting lesson celebrating World Children’s Day.

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We can’t wait to see you tomorrow Colmers! Don’t forget your P.E. Kits and keep your fingers crossed for dry weather 🍂

Mr Gough @mr_g_DHT was so impressed with all Colmers B poetry writing today. Here are a few examples from Ebony, Nancy, Maddie and Harry. #poetry #year5 #proudteacher


Don’t forget, Colmers are opening the doors to their classrooms today (2:45pm) to show you some of their highlights from the year so far! We hope to see lots of you later!

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Today Langdon B has really enjoyed learning about p.e as we have nearly finished our dances ready for the VE Day parade on the 12th December💃😁👍🎶🎵

Today Langdon B has really enjoyed learning about rights respecting.Did you know this agreement started 30 years ago and is law for 195 countries?😮😯👨🏻‍⚖️

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