The Edible Garden Project – led by Sarah Wilberforce and Tina Golden

Official opening for this will be April 7th

You may be aware that there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes, as this exciting new project getsEdible Garden Project underway, at the back of the school.

Daryl Chambers and his men have completed the first stage of clearing the garden site at the school. It has made an enormous difference and shows the large size and potential! They have been paid to do this from a fund that Tina Golden applied for.  Well done, Tina!

Edible Garden ProjectCarl`s men from Forest and Tree Care came to drop the trees.  The Ash tree was enormous, and the amount of clearance behind the sheds is very impressive too . It leaves a  good space  for the creation of a brand-new edible garden.

Edible Garden Project

The Edible Garden team are very keen to involve and meet with friends, staff and adult members of families to start planning what this new garden will be, in the spirit of Forest Gardens (maybe also physically filling the skip)! More info here: Make an Edible Forest Garden – The Green Parent

We look forward to sharing a plan of the site in the future!

The Edible Garden Project Update October 2021 – A message from Sarah Wilberforce:

Branden's Trail“The Edible Garden team are waiting to hear from the school on when it is safe to have events with families out of doors. We plan to do the Polytunnel Raising event as soon as possible. We will have food and refreshments to give sustenance to the workers and families. We are waiting for a date. This has been achievable through the generosity of Bridport Rotary and Bridport Town Council who have given money and services to clear
the derelict grounds and pay for a new skin.

Home in Bridport and Transition Town Bridport have been working as volunteers in St.Mary’s school for several years. You might like to read about our Tia Perrella – the
professional gardener and chef who is a teacher. You can read about her here:

There are also plans to hold a regular gardening club and other special events which the School Council wants to have, as well as fund raising events for the new shed classroom and rebuilding of the pond. Masses of ideas waiting to be developed as soon as we can meet to plan.”

if you would like to be involved please email: or join the Facebook Page BPS Edible Garden

The Edible Garden Project Update June 2021 – We met during the half term break and there will be some information regarding ‘cake and rake’ coming out soon.  We are looking for some volunteers to help us!​

Please email: if you would like to be involved.  

Edible Garden Project Edible Garden Project
Edible Garden Project  

Edible Garden Project