Branden’s Trail: an update from Arthur Woodgate

In the first face-to-face consultation session possible between Bridport Primary’s School Council and the organisers of the Branden’s Trail project last week, the pupil representatives from each class were updated about progress.

It had been slow, but it had been steady, explained Arthur Woodgate of the BYPAT (Bridport Young Persons’ Action Trust) Charity.

  • The animal totems chosen by the children – Panda, Tiger and Hedgehog – were making their way to Bridport.
  • Priorities had also been identified by the pupils, the first of which was (naturally) a wishing well. Also highlighted: maze, stepping stones, seating, shelter, fun things, wind chimes, sensory plants and flowers (thanks to help pledged by Bridport Gardening Club).
  • The children liked the idea of painting stones to look like ladybirds and bees.
  • They also liked Town Surveyor Daryl Chambers’ suggestion of painting a mural on the fence backing the Trail.
  • Local writer Colin Ward would be working with them to produce a book of poems and thoughts, and had offered a haiku for them to name:
    • Share gracious footsteps:
    • Memories of joyful smiles
    • growing life’s gift.

With Branden’s Trail now both a Rights Respecting Town Project and the Town Council’s Community Project of the Year, work on the site will begin in the Summer Holidays. This will see the revitalisation of the memorial to Branden Wayland, a pupil who died of cancer at the age of five in 2008, his legacy also providing a calm refuge for other children in need of support. The School Council felt strongly that it should be available to anyone who might need it.

A request for any of the following:

  • Exterior Wood Primer (white or similar)
  • Vibrant wall paint colours
  • Acrylic paint
  • MSA varnish or similar.

Please let Mrs LeGassick know if you can help!